Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Seeing another old flame

I went to an event tonight and saw the love of my life. We dated off and on, but I took it more seriously than he did. I spent too many years pining over him. Yet after all this time, I see him and still wonder why. I still think he was the right one. But in talking to him tonight, he didn't seem particularly interested in what I was doing and seemed distracted. All bad signs on the interest meter. Not that I thought after all this time, he would suddenly re-discover me yet again. (Or did I?) We have traveled down that path before, with his rediscovering me, only to be re-involved, and then re-uninvolved.

He is still not involved with anyone else, at least not seriously.

And I still feel sad that we did not work out. And I still wonder why.


Speaking about the other man from my past that I posted about last time, he did seem to step up the connection a little bit the other night. I don't want to put too much hope in this, as it could go nowhere. I'll update on this regularly.

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