Saturday, September 15, 2007

Confessions of a Matchmaker

Does anyone else watch that show? It is on A&E. I catch most episodes and enjoy it. I wish there were a matchmaker like that in my city. (Maybe there is and I don't know it.) I would love to have someone observe me in an objective way and tell me what I could do to be better at dating and finding love.

The show takes place in Brooklyn. The matchmaker will have a customer come in and talk about their dating history, and gets an idea of what he/she needs help with. Invariably at least one of the characters per show has this problem with going to "Chippewa Street." I have never been to Brookly and Chippewa St., but apparently it is a place where very young people go, like 20 and under. ????? I guess it must be one of those places where only freshmen and sophomores go. The matchmaker's clients are all older than that, and she says they shouldn't be hanging out there anymore, and they sure don't need to tell their dates that they do. That it shows a lack of maturity, she says.

It got me thinking, is there a Chippewa St. in Nashville? I don't think so. The hot spots are Hillsboro Village, Elliston Place, and 2nd Avenue, and people of all ages go there. The closest I can come to what a Chippewa St. would be would maybe be "The Strip" in Knoxville near UT. The Strip attracted freshmen--I went there as a freshmen, but have to say that even as an older colllege student I lost interest and starting going to other hot spots. I can see her point--it probably wouldn't be cool for a 30ish or 40ish or older person to hang out on The Strip. I just don't hear it being a problem often, like it seems it is on her show.

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