Friday, November 30, 2007

Finding a Guy in Nashville

According to Men's Health Magazine, for women over 35, finding love in Nashville is only half as difficult as finding it in San Jose, CA.

According to an item today on, the magazine "crunched numbers on seven categories that have a bearing on how great a city might be for finding guys.The categories are ratios of single men to single women and of gay to straight; divorce rates; fitness; philanthropy; education; and the thrill factor places where guys and girls do the kind of fun stuff that makes hearts race and bonds form."

Nashville ranked 51 on the list, and San Jose, number 1.

Hmmm. Does divorce rate mean more people get divorced in San Jose than in Nashville, opening up more possiblities??? The article does not explain that.

Here are some of the cities that jumped out at me on the list:

1) San Jose
9) Washington, D.C. (This surprises me--I used to hear there were more women than men in D.C.)
11) Charlotte, N.C. (Will have to tell my friend who lives there.)
17) New York City (Like D.C., this surprises me--had always heard there was a man shortage there. Maybe a realignment in these cities in the recent past??)
21) Anchorage (OK, no surprise there.)
51) Nashville (Glad my city made the list in the top half)
78) Memphis (Glad we beat Memphis in this.)
81) Pittsburgh (My other favorite city)
84) Cheyenne WY (very surprising--isn't this where all the cowboys live?)
90 Billings MT (well, if the cowboys aren't in Cheyenne and not in Billings, where are they?)
101) Buffalo, NY. (I guess this is why the show Matchmaker takes place there.)

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