Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Did I Say I Was a Sucker for Love Reality Shows?

Yes, I think I did. I came home from my law society dinner and turned on the TV. Guess what? It was the "After the Final Rose Ceremony Show." I just love this stuff. I have never seen an episode of this latest season. I thought it was on Monday nights, when I have class. I don't have class on Tuesdays. Have I missed a whole season unbeknownst to me?

Well, anyway, apparently, the season is over, and the latest bachelor didn't choose either of the two finalists. I missed the discussion with the runner-up. But I did see the discussion with the finalist whom everyone thought had won Brad's heart.

He said he thought it was the right thing to not choose either one. He had not fallen in love. Well that is right and if that is the case, then that makes sense. However, he came off badly. He could have explained it better. And as to the girl......NEXT!
Do not waste time on men who do not love you and do not want to be with you. (I have finally learned this after year of heartache.) Move on!

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