Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Date Friday Night

I have a dinner date on Friday night with a guy off match. He seems nice. The cons are I don't know what he does for a living or how sophisticated he is. Of course I don't know a lot of things about him since I haven't met him. He also contacted me a while back and said he was very interested, but when I replied a week later, he said he had met someone and wanted to see where it goes. (Bad on his part. He should have gone ahead and met me. )

The woman however, apparently turned out to be a next. He now wants to go out with me. I hope I can put the thought away that I turned out to be his second choice. I just don't like that fact though.

He seems nice, and he hales from the same area that I was born in and lived as a child. That is a positive as that locale is an important part of my history.

More later!

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