Friday, December 28, 2007

More Stuff

I had a very wierd date zero last week. Wine with a doctor at one of Nashville's trendy restaurants. His emails to me were witty, and we seemed to hit it off.

When I met him, he didn't bowl me over. Seemed mousy and introverted. He may have been disappointed in my looks too, who knows.

We started talking and did seem to hit it off, particularly when we talked about travel.

Things went downhill when he told me a story about his daughter. The story involves one of our national killing spree tragedies. She was OK; and that is good. He seemed perturbed by my comments that the local police in this vicinity should have responded quicker and that the school didn't seem to have a crisis plan in place.

He left in a huff. I'm sorry if I touched a sore point, but as a parent of a child there, I would have thought he would have agreed with me--that there should have been better preparedness and response time?????

Oh well, I think we wouldn't have hit it off anyway.

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