Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rating Excercise Programs: Which Ones Are Best?

Well the answer to my question in my last post is no. No I cannot make my legs look better in 20 days, because I have only exercised once. ONCE! And I am going on a cruise and will be embarassed to be seen in a bathing suit. Well, I won't let that stop me. I love the water and sun too much to stay away from it. But I am not going to make a point of parading myself around. Nosiree! I am mad at myself about this--but to be honest, I haven't had time to exercise with everything else going on in my life. I know that is everyone's excuse, but it is kind of true in my case. I probably won't have time to exercise until March, but then watch out! I will be an excercising fool.

Meanwhile, I need to figure out what would be the best exercise program for me. Looking at the site Exercises Training Programs I see a lot of different ones listed. I'll make my way down the list and see what they say about them. What appeals to me right off the bat is the Ultimate Leg, Hip, Thigh, Tummy and Butt makeover. But maybe I should stick to the Busy Woman Fitness E-book Workout Program, with my life craziness and all. The Anti-Aging Fitness Program also sounds important. They all sound good. But nothing is more important than just doing something. Which I will--in March!

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