Monday, January 26, 2009

Lap Band Surgeries A Good Alternative to More Invasive Procedures

I am nowhere near needing weight loss surgery, and hope I never do, but I have several friends who do need it. I have talked with one of them about it, and she wants to have it, but her insurance won't cover it. She is going to save up money to have it done, and then save up more money to have the body lift to get rid of the excess skin. So, obviously she won't be having it for a while.

I also watch the health channel a lot, and they do a lot of shows on obesity and weight loss surgery, etc. I have learned that lap band surgery can sometimes be a better surgical choice, since it is not as invasive as gastric bypass. If you are interested in a lap band procedure, you need to choose a doctor who has a lot of surgical experience and offers a good aftercare program. .

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