Friday, February 15, 2008

Online Dating Shocker!

I mentioned here a while back about the lobster on who nicely archived me and then unarchived me? And then I archived him? I couldn't believe how someone would think that that was OK, and that I would still be interested?

Well, it is interesting how things turn out. Got to work today and people were buzzing about a prostitution sting that had occurred in our city about a week ago. I almost didn't pull the article up on the Web, because I thought I wouldn't know any of the guys.

Well I did pull it up, and I was wrong. One of the men arrested was dear Mr. Archive from! I kept looking at the photo and thinking I knew him. I kept thinking, Where do I know him from? And then at lunch, it hit me. He was that guy from chemistry!

I never met him--thank goodness! But I never forget a face. The news article ran his name, age, and the town he was from. I looked up the guy on chemistry, and yes, it was him! Same first name, same age, same town. Then I googled his full name, and he has the same occupation as chemistry guy!

All I can say is, thank goodness we didn't meet!

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