Saturday, October 6, 2007

First Meeting Tomorrow

Tomorrow evening I have my first DZ, or date zero, with a new person off, who also happens to be my first person to meet since joing up again.

We are going for wine at one of my favorite restaurants, so that will be nice. From what I can tell, he must live in my same area, or at least spend a lot of time there, since he knows so much about the restaurants here. And that is a good thing. My neighborhood is urban and great and vibrant. Anyone who likes my neighborhood is a good first start.

He is very witty in his emails. I hope he is the same in person. When I did online dating before, I had been corresponding with one man who was brilliant in emails and boring beyond belief in real life. So hope that doesn't happen again.

I also hope he is not a nerd. He looks nice in his photo, but not really my type, but possibly. He could be a riot--but he could also be a nerd. I will not date nerds, so hope he is not one of those.

One other thing that could be problematic--he says in his profile he is conservative, and I say that I am middle of the road. Truth of the matter is that I am really liberal. I just didn't want to scare people off. I will not be dogmatic with him about this though. Maybe he is not too wedded in his beliefs. The problem is, I am wedded in mine. But I want to get to know him first. I don't want political beliefs to be a wedge between us from the get-go.

I will report back after tomorrow!

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