Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wanting To Go To The UK

I have not seen Gerry for a while--he was my long distance English beau for a while--but we have started corresponding again. We had kind of a rough patch and didn't speak to each other for quite some time. I cut off the communication. But one time on a visit to see my sister and her kids, my nephew had on the shirt that Gerry had brought him when he had come to the states. Seeing that shirt made me cry and realize how much I miss Gerry. And that I am sorry we parted on bad terms. I don't know that we will ever date again, but I would like to keep in touch with him. Just for fun, I was looking up Manchester Hotels and found some websites for hotels over there. There is some good competitive pricing.

If I go to Manchester, I'd have to see Gerry of course. But I would also want to go to London, some small towns, and into Scotland. I might even see Ireland if I have time. This trip would be good for me--not only to renew my friendship with Gerry but to get the cobwebs out of my head. I have too many cobwebs in my head from studying for the bar exam, and the only antidote I know of is international travel! That will do the trick. And renewing friendships and maybe making some new ones along the way too will help as well.

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