Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hair Color-A Little Dab Will Do Ya

I have been lucky that my hair did not start growing gray until recently. My mom and best friend both went totally gray in their 20s. That would be hard, in my opinion. Of course, they started coloring their hair. I felt good that mine stayed dark brown. Only in the last couple of years has mine started getting a little salt and pepper. Unfortunately, it started in the front of my head. With studying for the bar exam, I did not have time to investigate hair color. Even though my hair was pretty salt and pepper, it did make me feel a little dowdy. I talked with my hairdresser, who kept making coloring your hair seem like the Manhattan project. I was getting very frustrated, but I wasn't ready to run to the drugstore and get some bottled color though.

Alas, I have a solution! When I went last for a hair cut, my hairdresser offered a solution. He gave me a mousse like product that you put on after you wash your hair. It is not as permanent as bottled color or coloring from a salon, but he thought it would help transition me into hair color.

I have put it on and I can't believe the difference it makes. I have a new kick in my step, and I am getting looks from guys again. My hair looks beautiful. This mousse is also cheaper than getting coloring in a salon. So far, it seems to last through one shampoo, but after the second shampoo, you probably have to reapply it. But it is so easy, that is not a problem. Vive la difference!

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