Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vacay With My Girl Buds--The Good And The Bad

I am so excited--my group of girlfriends from college and I are going on vacation again. We try to go on a group vacation every few years, and we have gone to some amazing places--Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, and the beach--many times.

We love to explore new cities and countries, but some of our best vacations have been to the beach to relax.
This year, we are combining the two and are going to Orlando. One of our group lives there now, and the rest of us haven't been to Disney World in years. Yes, we are going to have a grownup vacation at Disney World! The friend who lives in Orlando doesn't have room for all of us to stay at her home, so we are going to stay at one of the Marriott Orlando Hotels in the city. There are several that we can choose from, but that is where the tricky part comes in.

The biggest problem we have traveling together is getting everyone on the same page. Some of us have said we want to stay at one hotel, and others have said they would prefer one of the other Orlando Marriott Hotels.  And it might be hard to get a consensus on some other decisions we need to make as well.

But we know that once we get everything ironed out and reach a compromise, we will have a blast. We always do, and Orlando will not be an exception.We are ready to be active, lounge on the beach, and have a relaxing stay.

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